Welcome to a new musical “Company Matters.” A comedy about corporate corruption, and business malfeasance.  The story focuses on the Pushy Boss and how his staff deal with the daily ups and downs of the workplace. It also shows how a more team oriented approach can be beneficial to company moral and the profitability of the business.

“Company Matters” is a musical comedy in 2 Acts. Each act has songs covering the range of musical genres, from Country and Blues, to Rap and Spiritual. The pace is fast and the comedy keeps on coming, with each scene easily connecting to the audience through common experiences we have all had. There is also a serious side to the story as one of the staff deals with a recalcitrant son and the Office Manager struggles with her conscience.

Because of the COVID19 pandemic a planned production has been postponed until later in the year. To honor all of the folks working hard to help the sick and the suffering this is for you. (ACT I & ACT II in Extracts)

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