Company Matters is a hilarious new musical comedy by playwright Malcolm Davidson. This modern-day farce gleefully depicts the worst example of the slimy corruption that exists in corporate America today. Through the eyes of the inner most circle of the company’s employees, the audience is drawn into the bowels of the upward bound, high tech company Globcom, run by a buffoonish CEO, by the name of Jerome Pugsley, better known to his over-worked, brow-beaten employees as JP, a misoginestic, verbally abusive, slave- monster.

The story here is all too familiar, as this kind of business-is-business environment undermines the spirit of the very people who work their hearts out every day to create products they can be proud of. Driven to despair, these good people break under the pressure of unreasonable production deadlines imposed on them by a selfish, narcistic, soulless boss, whose corner-cutting demands undermine their belief that the company matters.

As the sad underbelly of this company is exposed, through a riotous chorus of tongue-in- cheek tunes and snappy dance steps, Marlene, the female heroine of this common saga emerges as her dogged determination to expose JP’s over-cooked books opens the eyes of her fellow employees, and a big bucks Italian investor, Mr. Frangelli. The audience will gleefully enjoy a schadenfreude ending, when Mr. JP meets his long overdue demise as Marlene leads the way to take over the company reins. She brings to life through song and determination the belief that the company does matter, because they, everyone one of them matter.

This delightful and uplifting play will lighten the hearts and minds of all those who see it, because it ignites that spark within each of us that in the end, justice prevails when hard work and integrity light the way to success.

— Barbara Ganim, author of Art and Healing: Using Expressive Art to Heal the Body, Mind, and Spirit and Visual Journaling: Going Deeper than Words to Give Voice To the Soul

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